Healthchanger: breathe through your nose, not your mouth.

This podcast of Dr. Rangan Chatterjee interviewing James Nestor (author of Breath) randomly came up in my Youtube feed a few months ago. I had learned about proper breathing techniques before, but this video convinced me to try taping my mouth while asleep and to only breathe through my nose while awake. Within days I experienced dramatic changes to my health. Turns out that for years I was unknowingly breathing through my mouth all night and a 1" piece of tape quickly solved the problem. I have since shared this video with so many people, that I decided to post this page to spread the simple message: lipshut. (bonus: avoid arguments!) The best part is that this technique is completely FREE — apart from the cost of some medical tape. So many healthcare ‘solutions’ are about making money, but not this one. Please share this page with everyone you know.